Through the window shone the full moon bright,
The ash-tray glistened in the soft moonlight.
Rain pattered softly on the window-pane,
Drops trickling down, playing an innocent game.

He sipped the scotch and kissed the cigar,
Morbidly he stared, across the table, at the stranger.
Hidden in the shadows, its face was unseen,
It leaned forward, just enough to be seen.

Gaunt was its face and pale was its skin,
Eyes were sunken, and a scar from the right brow ran in.
It leered at him, lips curled into a sneer,
The very sight, enough to make one fear.

“Who are you?” he slurred in a voice hoarse,
“Do you not remember?” its words sounded like gravel coarse
“I am the best friend that you have ever had,
Perhaps the only one you truly trusted.

I was always by your side, wherever you were,
But only at the worst of the times did you ever remember.
I was under the bed when you slept as a kid,
Sometimes, in the closet, where you caught me peeking in.

I was in the dark alleys, which you rushed past at night,
Always in the shadows, I never came out in the light.
I was in your darkest thoughts and worst nightmares,
Frightened of me, yet fascinated you were.

From time to time, you sought me out,
In the last dregs of scotch, or the puff of smoke.
You came to me, when they laughed at you,
You looked for me when they betrayed you.

I have always been here waiting for you,
To seek me out and let me end your pain.
In the world of the light, you are not meant to be,
In the darkness here, you belong with me.”

He gulped down the scotch and reached for the Glock,
3 hours past midnight, struck the clock.
A shot rang out, shattering the still night,
He crumpled on the table illuminated by moonlight.

Rain pattered softly on the window-pane,
Red drops trickled down, playing an innocent game.
One more prey it had seduced tonight,
Beware of The Wily One, the Demon of the Night.


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