HOMOSEXUALITY: What most homophobes don’t get about it

Whenever any positive article appears in the news regarding homosexuality or LGBT rights, most Indian homophobic trolls bring out the same old homophobic vitriol about people having sex with animals or how it was the beginning of extinction of humans etc. It’s understandable that Indians are mostly homophobic. After all, there are a few concepts that they just can never comprehend. Like;


consent defined
A child, animal and a dead body can’t give consent. So NO, homophobes, legalising homosexuality will not pave the way to bestiality or paedophilia or necrophilia. Rape is rape, whether done to a girl, boy or animal. Well, if you could understand that, marital rape would already have been criminalized and rape laws would have been made gender neutral.


Homophobes first point out that; not even animals have homosexuality. And when you point out that they in fact do! More than 3000 documented species including dolphins, swans and chimpanzees. They will say that; we are NOT animals. Ummm…..yeah we actually are! Also, if you really are so au naturale, first smash the smartphone you are using right now and tear off the clothes from your body and stop buying your food and hunt it instead, because my friend, nothing about your modern lives are natural!


Homosexuality has existed in humans always! Even before the Romans and surprise! We still aren’t extinct….In fact we humans are the largest and most severe infestation this planet has seen. Humans will most probably outlive this planet itself. Sexuality is NOT infectious, or something that can be influenced. It is inherent. Turning a gay person straight or a straight person gay is as effective as forcing a left handed man to write with his right hand or vice versa. Only less than 10 % of the total population is gay so no fear of the whole world turning homosexual. And even if it did! Not all homosexuals live a childless life a lot of couples do want families and raise children. Adoption, surrogacy, IVF the options are endless. So you can dump your Armageddon theories right there.


1bishop tutu

Every religion says only one thing about homosexuality; NOTHING!!! In most Abrahamic religions there is absolutely no concept of homosexuality cause no one even thought of it as a thing. Modern religious homophobes project their own homophobia into their decipheration of the texts. Hinduism in fact has references to several queer characters and heroes in its mythologies. And also, NO ONE CARES. Your religious beliefs are your personal opinions. You don’t get to shove that down others’ throats. And a gay person living their own life is NOT shoving THEIRS down your throat, they are just trying to live their lives in peace.

Lastly, not every person has to live their lives exactly the same way you do. As long as everyone is minding their own business and not harming or inhibiting the freedom of another human being, let everyone live in peace. The world won’t destroy itself if you try to respect and treat as humans people who are different from you.

“You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew.”


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