Happy Birthday Sis…


Happy Birthday sis…. Had you been with us today it would have been your 30th birthday. I dont know how we would have celebrated but now we will never know. You did not get to see even 30 summers. I know many are there who have lived lesser years but that doesnt give any solace. You were a one of a kind girl. Vivacious, vibrant, moody, straight forward, cranky, bitchy, silly, romantic, philosophic, caring, bold, beautiful. But you were too delicate and precious to be here. This life took away a lot of things from you yet you never gave up, stubborn as you were, you fought long and hard. Even when life took away everything from you bit by bit, you fought on with every breath. Wish i could have been there to fight for you. When mom left us you were there for me always, wish i had the chance to take care of you. When i came out to you, you worried over me and stood up for me, wish i could stand up for you. This is the first birthday you are not with us…and God i miss you! I dont cry for you, i dont cry for mom either. She has become a memory and one day you will too. And these memories i will cherish forever. All my life, you will always be the champion i look upto. Love you so much…so so much…



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