Chapter One- His Brown Eyes

“HEY LAZY ASS! RUN FASTER…” shouted Sunny at me as he jumped into the train. While i half ran and half dragged my huge backpack, a huge trolley bag and my laptop bag…so excuse me if i m a little slow! Its not like i had the perfect muscular body, super strength and stamina like my ass of a roommate….in his defense he did work out to get in shape. But i on the other hand was but a srawny nerd, all bones and skin. But being the pack rat i am i had to carry luggage double my weight! I seriously hate myself now….and it doesnt occur to that stupid oaf to lend me hand! What?! I am just too proud to ask for it! I gather all my energy and break into a sprint towards the train. It’s already started to move! BUMP! Something just crashed into my side and i lose balance mid sprint…and the world switches into one of those typical Bollywood slo-mo…i lurch sideways with my backpack dragging me…i can see the floor closing in on my face. Oh boy! Not my teeth please! Suddenly it stops. For a split second i am really confused and then i realize the bumper just caught me by arm in time. And then i am jerked upwards. I have still not regained my balance and i swing upwards and now i can see my attacker/savior. But instead of looking at his face the only thing i can see are his eyes. And thats all i can see….suddenly time gets slower still…and it takes forever for me to swing into balance. And in that forever all on my mind are those eyes. Light brown eyes that look into me…eyes that i have never seen and yet look familiar. It feels like staring into a pool of still clear water, you know its deep but it gives away all its secret. Those eyes look like a book willing me to read it. And i cant resist the urge to keep staring even when i finally find back my feet. He looks at me, one final glance to check if i m okay, and turns around to catch the train. I am still standing like a fool trying to process what just happened. I turn around and see Sunny frantically shouting and signalling for me to jump aboard. I dash forward and throw my suitcase which he deftly catches and then i jump aboard with the rest of my bags.

As i settle into my seat i just cant get those eyes out of my head, those few seconds seem burned into my head. Must be the adrenaline rush. I am actually surprised i could board the train! Those few seconds seems too long i thought the train would have definitely left without me.
“You are such a clumsy feet!” Sunny looked at me gravely.
“What? You saw he ran into me!”
“It wasnt him. It was you running. Like a blind man!”
“You were the one who told me to hurry!”
“Yes! Cause you would have missed the train idiot!”
“Well i didnt.”
“Yeah…if that guy hadnt saved you i would have to look for a new roommate in Bangalore….on second thoughts that would save me from u getting under my skin.”…he frowned at me.
I was tempted to stick out my tongue at him but didnt dare to enrage him further. Dont go by his scary voice folks. He is as ferocious as a St. Bernard. All his rage just hid his huge teddy bear heart. He was like a father figure, brother and boyfriend all roled into one. Scratch the last one out! He wouldnt like me calling him that. But he really cared and thats why he also liberally scolded me like a little child. I actually liked it because it showed how much he cared but sometimes his patronising got under my skin too. Right now i let him simmer down and leant my head on the window rails. I watched as the train started to pick pace and the scenery started to flash by. I enjoyed this part of the train journey usually…but right now all i could think of was those few moments when i saw those eyes. I replayed them in my head till i drifted off to sleep.



Hey guys! I am just trying something new here….. I am kind of trying to write a story. This is the first chapter. Tell me if you like it.  I am open to suggestions and criticism. And yes this is a boyxboy. You have been warned. See ya soon!


2 thoughts on “Chapter One- His Brown Eyes

  1. Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for inexperienced blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.


    1. i am sorry my blog did that. in fact this comment was in the spam too…u cud post the previous comment again.
      I really am not the right person to ask, as you can see i dont write regularly. But i write just what i find a little difficult to express. Writing is sort of a therapy for me to get my thoughts together.
      if you are writing a blog on a particular topic than try to keep it regularly updated with the latest news and opinions, have interactions with your readers and most importantly read blogs of other people with similar or opposite intrsts and comment your opinions on them.
      if you are just writing for fun or treat it like a diary ( like i do), then dont worry about a thing. keep calm and blog on…..:)


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