Mystery Encounter

Taking a deep breath he steadied himself and stepped into the cafeteria. Once inside, Kevin looked around, searching for one face. He saw the one he was searching for and walked up to the table, trying not to trip over himself. He took a sip of the beer in his hands to work up his guts, then cleared his throat. A pair of dark brown eyes looked up to him, looking into those eyes he almost forgot what he was here for. Before making an ass of himself he blurted..

“Can I sit here with you? If you don’t mind…?”


He sat down and those eyes went back to reading a novel.

Kevin: “We are in the same class you know?”


Kevin: “So you are from Delhi?”

“yeah…” eyes still busy with the book.

Kevin: “You know…the guys have been talking about you…”

“Really? What have they been saying about me?” This time he looked up from his book and an amused smile was playing on his face.

Kevin took another sip before giving a reply.

Kevin: “Well…there are rumours that you were…ummm…you are..maybe..some think that you are gay”

There! Finally he asked the real question. But now he was unsure whether he did the right thing…he was scared.

The boy just smiled and closed his book.

“What do YOU think?”

Kevin: “Ummm…you don’t really look gay to me.”

He was now smirking.

“You know what…I’m not. I’m not gay. But if people want to talk about me, let me give them something to talk about.”

Disappointed, Kevin kept his eyes down as the mystery boy stood up. Determined not to reveal his emotions.

“Sorry…” Kevin looked up in surprise, an apology was the last thing he was expecting to hear.

Kevin: “Sorry? For what?”

“For this…” saying this he swiftly bent down and placed a gentle peck on Kevin’s lips.

Kevin felt all sense of reality leave him and was momentarily hit by amnesia. Having no connection with his surroundings he heard as if from very afar as someone dropped their tray in shock. Seconds later the whole cafeteria was roaring with cheers and boos.

Coming back to reality he watched the tall lanky figure of the boy walking out of the cafe…and his heart was filled with a pain intensified many times by the sweetness on his lips…


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