Thanks, Sorry and a Promise

It’s really surprising how certain events tend to surprise you even when you are already expecting the unexpected. I don’t want to linger on my coming out to everyone, I did it and it’s over. At least that’s how I see it. Though i’m not naïve to see that the consequences of it won’t affect my life. People have surprised me, some with their ignorance and many with their easy acceptance. I have been humbled by many whom I didn’t expect to be so supportive, and disappointed by some whom I knew to be decent. I know that for many it’s a shocking opener to personally know a gay man and find themselves in a confused state as how to act around me.  I expect that within the course of time they will come to see that I am who I am and not just my one facet. For that to happen things need to run just as they had been running. And people have to set examples of acceptance and tolerance. The people closest to me have to do the most difficult job of proving that I am NOT something they are ashamed of. And it is not an easy job. I don’t want my friends to regret having me as a friend. But it is more difficult than I thought. And I wish that I could have been a better friend to those people who are now there looking out for me. I don’t know what i’m going to do about it. I will just try to be better….I promise.


4 thoughts on “Thanks, Sorry and a Promise

  1. Congratulations on having the courage to be true to yourself. I admire your bravery and your strength, and wish you the best in this time of transition. It sounds like you’re surrounded by wonderful friends, and I hope that you stay safe, well, and happy!


  2. It always better to live openly and honestly to friends, family, and even co-workers I think after time. Regardless of the consequences it’s always better to be free than to live a lie. Congrats.


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