1 new Notification*- I am Gay…

Today on Janmashthami, birthday of the God of Love ‘Krishna’, i fasted and prayed to the Lord to give me the courage and the will to do the right thing. And right now sitting on my computer i think i need to share this with all and any who are concerned or care that i am Gay. I hope i’m doing the right thing, not by being gay but by coming out like this i mean. I do not choose to be gay, i just choose to live a life where i’m free to love….”

That’s how i decided to come out to everyone as Gay. Yup! I did it…. I just blabbed it out on Facebook! And am i Glad! I know that after my declaration a few days back, my roommate, friends and batch-mates are having to take a lot of flak and taunting on my account. I’m truly and genuinely sorry for that. And i’m grateful to all those who have supported me and stood by me. Even the smallest acts of goodwill mean a lot because i know the courage it takes to associate with me. Many have said that it was not the right time to come out, that i should have waited a few more years, became something, had an income, left India. Everyone agrees on one thing that this was the worst time to come out. But i beg to differ, i can’t shake off the responsibility of tomorrow by avoiding it today. Whether i come out now or two years back, the fact won’t change that i’m a gay boy brought up by straight parents, with straight siblings, have straight friends and best friends, studys in college with straight classmates, lives in the boys hostel with a straight roommate (also my best friend). People who associated with me would have never known what a gay looks like, or lives like. I choose to come out now, in the worst possible times just to show that it’s ok to know a gay person, to make friends with him, to be his roommate. I’m not a pervert, i’ve never taken advantage of anyone, never will. Nothing will change about me that has been in the past two years. Your behaviour towards me would have remained the same it was the past two years had i not been honest with you. But i would still have been what i’m. I’m not proud of it but neither am i ashamed of it because there is nothing i can do about it.


6 thoughts on “1 new Notification*- I am Gay…

  1. I really liked your explanation of why to come out now. I too am the first gay person to come out for everyone I came out to; sort of a guinea pig for others. The situation becomes more real for them when we come out and it only makes them reevaluate their assumptions. The next generation would have it easier on them due to this, just like I’m banking on the years of hardship older gay people might have had in the past.

    And don’t worry. People have to balance their love for you with the misconceptions they have for gays. It is hard for them too; and only the true friends and family would remain with you in the end. Take it as the ultimate loyalty test, if you will. 😀


  2. EXACTLY! Thank you! It’s a full time job….but is totally worth it. And thanks to my wonderful friends who make the job easier for me….


  3. You have my support and you did the right thing coming out every one has the right to love and be loved. It’s a feeling not a judging criteria…

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    1. Thanks a lot Moumita….:) It really means a lot…. I was pleasantly surprised how well it actually all worked out… I am truly lucky in a lot of ways


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