A Love Letter never sent….

***It’s so wonderful and painful to be in love. A love for which there is no reason or explanation, something that can make you so happy that you cry. Something so painful that you wish you never felt it…. To fall in love with someone for whom you will be a stranger forever. Some things are best left unspoken…some letters unread….***

To someone who will never know my name or remember my face or know what he means to me…

Hi. I don’t wish to embarrass or annoy you. I probably would never even dare to write this to you. But I have just reached a point where I think it’s important for me to disclose my feelings for you. We have never met or talked, you don’t know me and won’t recognise me. But somehow, I fell in love with you. I don’t know when it happened. Perhaps the first time I set my eyes on you. One evening I was walking along on mall road with my friend and I saw a couple walking along. I noticed his eyes and something happened. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I couldn’t take my eyes of his. I noticed him a lot many times after that, but I hardly remembered his face…it was his eyes. So alive, I couldn’t get enough of it. So many times I caught myself gaping at you, drinking your features, trying to have an exact impression in my memory. Your smile made me feel so happy, even if it wasn’t for me. I didn’t even know your name, stream or year. And I didn’t even know what I was feeling. Because I’m not supposed to feel like that. Because I’m a guy. Yes, I’m gay and I’m in love with you. Try not to feel bad or insulted about it. I don’t keep any hopes or expectations from you. I know you have a girlfriend and are perfectly straight. As I said, I would never have told you this. But at that moment I didn’t exactly know myself as gay. I never had felt so much about any guy, or anyone for that matter. And had it been for a girl, or were I a girl, I would have approached a long time ago. But I just kept this feelings within because they are impractical and can only cause pain. I don’t want to put you in any awkward situation. Just know this that there is someone in this world who loves you very much and who could do anything to see you happy and smiling. All the best for your life and career and wish you find true happiness. By the way, you are a great dancer and I’m a great fan:)


5 thoughts on “A Love Letter never sent….

  1. Hey! I told you millions of times b4 its not impractical to feel this way. What? Only straight ppl are allowed to have feelings? A guy cant crush on a guy? Where was that written? And its perfectly natural to crush on ur senior! You did tell me bout this guy 🙂 anyway… The best ones are already taken so I’m also in the same situation! It wont put u in any advantage to be a girl either, look at me! I’ve not had a boyfriend IN A LIFE TIME!! Cuz I always search for something in a guy and I dont get it! It freaks me out to make long term commitments with them..! But I’m still searching… Its like I’ve made up a guy in my head (probably Daniel Radcliffe) and I expect everybody to be like him and I get upset cuz nobody is like him… :/ oh what will happen to me?

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    1. I only wrote impractical because I cannot act upon it. But I don’t regret having any feelings for him. And I can symphatize with you because it is natural to compare every potential partner with your presumed perfection. But I believe and hope that one day someone really special will come who will make all the presumptions seem like flukes. Who will take you places you couldn’t imagine. I hope someone like that comes into both your and mine life. But I shall keep my expectations to minimum and learn to live my own life happily without waiting for anyone…. 🙂 love ya Sis..


  2. What happened maybe happened for the best… God has everything decided maybe you will find someone who will love you so much that this pain will gradually stop. Just keep searching for love…

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