God made adam and eve….but what if adam’s into steve?

Somewhere i just read an article in which an apparently intelligent,educated and religious individual,with quite good style of writing was gloating on his victory in demolishing an apparently ‘monumental’ argument in favour of homosexuality.

As is the case,many homosexual beings defend themselves saying…’ If God didn’t want gays why did he create them?’. This is obviously not as much an argument that can be used in a debate but more of a ‘retort’ made by a defiant gay. Neverthlers our very worthy hero proudly points out in his article that the same logic also could apply to like,say……’if God didn’t want murderers why did he made them’ and he goes on to explain how God actually created Man and woman and that’s how things should be and doesn’t fail to point out select paragraphs from the bible condemning homosexuality as a sin.

I was tempted to reply to this article not because i had to defend my existence to him. But because this is something i want to ask all those who oppose homosexuality on the grounds of immorality and religion….

I agree with you ‘god made gays’ is a lame excuse,just the same as saying ‘god made murderers’… But what seperates crime,immorality and misunderstanding? God made men and women to marry and reproduce,rightly agreed….so when impotent people are married it’s immoral? Their are fertile couples who never have children?That’s a crime? India is facing unemployment and many maladies due to it’s population…still think that there should be only straight marriages because God meant marriage and sex for reproduction? There are innumberable homeless children without basic support…any couple can adopt such a child an deliver their lives,gay or straight needn’t matter. So if reproduction is no longer the main motto of marriage or sex why does this ‘God made adam and eve’ topic come up every time? Marriage and sex are meant for people in love…not just to reproduce. It doesn’t matter if the people in love are black,white,asian,gay,transgender or whatever as long as they are human and of age and have consent.
If you can’t adjust to the existence of 8 million gays by changing a single opinion…how do you expect me to change every aspect of my life,my desires,my love to adjust to your single opinion on religion and morality?


7 thoughts on “God made adam and eve….but what if adam’s into steve?

    1. It’s the social prejudice that leads to denial and apathy…but parents need to be above this things if they really love their children. The least they can do is try to understand what their child is going through…


  1. I understand that if you know Hebrew grammar, the “Adam” that God created was not necessarily male. Could have been a ‘non-of-the-above.’ Who was then split into two halves (who according to Plato have been trying to get it together ever since.)

    There was also a midrash… saying that before God made Eve, He introduced him to all the animals to see if any of them would prove a suitable companion. Adam then attempted to hump them all, with unsatisfactory results. At this point, Adam was still said to be ‘innocent’ — so it doesn’t look as if sexuality per se, or even nonstandard forms thereof, was a problem between God & humans.

    What was the problem? No problem, to God — People just get these odd ideas.

    We have to go out and develop enough individual weirdness that we don’t all look alike. This has led to a certain amount of misunderstanding, Fuss and Awful Behavior, but given an eternity to grow up in… we should be out of those diapers any kalpa now.


    1. Really? I didn’t know that… It’s suprising how people use the Bible to vouch for their ignorance and apathy when they don’t even know half of it’s facts!


  2. Well, the six or seven passages that this guy probably quoted can be easily argued down, even from a very serious Christian perspective. I call them clobber passages, because that’s what these guys like to use them for, and in every case the person arguing against homosexuality blithely misses the real point of the passage.

    Also there are some interesting scriptures that, while not clearly condoning homosexuality, at least as best we can translate, make me go “hmmm.” There is the relationship between David and Jonathan in which Jonathan’s soul was said to be knit to the soul of David, and “He loved him as his own soul.” Bible thumpers argue that this was just a very close friendship, but interesting that they fell on each other and wept when they had to part, and that when Jonathan was killed in battle, David, who had many wives (not satisfied, or just a power thing?) said that his love for Jonathan was “better than the love of women.” Okay. Sure. Close friendship maybe, but it describes the sort of bond I had always wanted with another man, and now have with my partner.

    Then in the New Testament, you have the ill servant of the Roman Centurion whom his master loved enough to go to Jesus to ask for healing. I haven’t researched it but I heard the argument that this servant, as was apparently often the case, was likely a young man, and a lover to the Roman officer. Yet Jesus said that he had not seen such faith in Israel as he saw in this Roman officer. Or how about John, the “Disciple whom Jesus loved?” Did Jesus not love the others or does this mean something more? Peter certainly seemed to be jealous of him.

    Again none of that is conclusive in and of itself, but neither is the argument, “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” when it comes to matters of sexual morality. Because Adam and Eve, if their old stories are true (and I love what treegestalt had to say on this!), did fall into sin, so we could say that God created sinners, therefore we must sin. This is obviously god’s plan because according to them nothing happens outside of god’s will.

    Of course there is the whole argument about free will here, I know, but interesting that in matters of brotherly love, god created Cain and Abel. And true to their short-sighted, selfish natures the Christians follow this as their example of how to treat their brothers, they murderously beat them in the head, either physically, emotionally, or philosophically, as in the use of this handful of maligned “clobber passages,” all the while ignoring the new testament warnings about gossip and hate, or the encouragement to love one another.

    Most especially ignored it seems to me are the fruit of the spirit: “love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” – Galatians 5:22 and 23. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see a lot of kindness, forbearance, joy, peace, love, gentleness or self-control in these people making anti-gay arguments.

    Thanks for this post! And it’s good to meet you.

    – David


    1. Nice to meet you too:) David! And thanks for slaying the Goliath again:):) I believe we all follow a religion and believe in a God, but it needn’t be someone with an elephant’s head or someone who can walk on water. It’s our own beliefs and philosophies. All religious scriptures are anyways written by men and are meant as guidelines for the development of a society and an individual. They are not meant to followed blindly but understood and incorporated in life,unlike those who swear by them and preach hate. And as i said they are written by men, and to err is human. Not every word written is the ultimate truth,we need to trust in our own common sense and belief when following any faith. If we can’t understand the instructions in a manual how can the experiment be a success?


      1. And that’s the thing that a lot of them will never accept, the fact that these books were written by men. I mean, they believe it was written by me, but inspired by god. Somehow this makes them infallible, and to be interpreted literally. Such an idea makes no sense. If god held the hands of the biblical writers as they wrote their stories, and influenced (not merely inspired) them to write the exact holy truths as only god could. . . why oh why do they all sound different? I mean, Peter was a fisherman. Paul was a scholar. John was all about love and kindness. Matthew was all about proving the lineage of Christ back to King David and Old Testament prophecy. Each one of them has a different, often extremely different style from the others, and even the facts differ, as a half-hearted study of the Gospels would show. Why the differences? Well because it was written, not by god but by humans, as you said. Humans are fallible. You don’t get a perfect, infallible book from finite fallible men, no matter how it was inspired.

        But most far right Christians cannot accept this. I argue within their framework though, because I can, but personally, I am barely a Christian at all, at least not in the modern sense. I’m not quite an agnostic, but close. . . somewhere between non-main stream Christian and an existential deist. 🙂


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